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To equip, encourage and support parents who are committed to educating their children in a Christian home.

Why Homeschool?  Reason 1: Customized Curriculum

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Why Homeschool?  Reason 1: Customized Curriculum


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Why Homeschool?  Reason 1: Customized Curriculum


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Why Homeschool?  Reason 1: Customized Curriculum

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The first question any regular school parent asks me when they find out that we are homeschooling our child is “Why?” Though each homeschooling family have their own primary reason, there is still a common thread amongst us all.  As we enumerate them in this Blog Series, it is Liberty Academy’s hope that this would […]

A Private Study Program (PSP), established according to the California Education Code, is a school offering homeschoolers private school enrollment with record keeping, accountability, education, training, guidance, and student interaction. However, because this does not guarantee legal protection, we require all members to join the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).        

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