A common question amongst parents who are just getting into homeschool is “What is common core?”

My way of describing it is;  it is like the “Health Care Reform Act” of the Education system.  A program that is pushed down our throats that worsens the problem it intended to solve.

I couldn’t explain what I can’t understand, but I can tell you what I have experienced.

I volunteered at our local school for 2 years, once in Kindergarten and the other in first grade. Coming to class, helping out the teacher with whatever she needed and even helping some children with their school work.

I noticed that teachers were held accountable to follow a certain way of teaching, and in this school’s case which adheres to the common core curriculum, it was all about reading and handing out packets. That was basically it, word for word. It would have probably worked if the packets were actually written properly, but for some odd reason, the sentences were written as if it was written by a non-english speaking author. The terms and sentences sort of made sense but can obviously be written in a more clear and direct fashion.

It was no wonder that the students where having a hard time understanding the lesson which in this case was about money. I felt the frustration of their teacher, so I suggested a more tactile way of teaching, fortunately, though hesitant,  she took my advice.

In other occasions the children get so bored of the topic that they have been doing all of the previous week, so when they received the same packets for the same topic the following week, they breezed through it and then acted out; while the teacher still went through the hand out step by step instead of adjusting to the needs of the class.

In addition, since there is grant money involved in adopting this federal regulation, the principal of the school was feeding her politics to the children to relay to their parents using public school resources and materials, which technically is illegal.

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has a resource that explains this stifling regulation better. Just click on the link “Common Core Issues” .